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Christmas in Space: Day 3

“While we were celebrating the holiday season of 1973, each in his own way, there was a special celebration aboard Skylab [4]. The Skylab Christmas in space, and of course that included stockings, hung by a very unusual Christmas tree, painstakingly constructed out of food cans, and decorated by the astronauts with a very special star on top,

Comet Kohoutek.

“And whether we’re Christians or Jews or Mohammedans or Buddhists or Confucianists or atheists, and no matter what the season is or isn’t, I think we all agree that one of man’s principle goals for the future should be to learn to live in peace and harmony with one another. So to that end, I wish for all the world a most fruitful and peaceful day.” -Commander Jerry Carr

“From the Skylab [4] crew, we wish to extend to people around the world the message of peace, goodwill, and human understanding.” -Pilot Bill Pogue

In 1973, the crew of Skylab 4 (Jerry Carr, Edward Gibson, and Bill Pogue) were the first humans to spend Christmas aboard a space station orbiting Earth.