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Dear Internet,

I am going to talk to you for a minute about fierce bitches. Specifically, I’m going to talk to you about John Watts Young, the fiercest bitch of them all.

Look at this GQ motherfucker right here. This bitch flew the first Gemini mission AND the first shuttle mission. Oh, and in between that? He went to the moon – fuckin’ twice. Only walked on it once though, but who gives a fuck? You sure as shit didn’t walk on the moon, now did you? And hey, he’ll still do you one better – not only did he walk on that bitch, he fucking drove on it. Fuck yeah.

John Young was at NASA for 42 goddamn years. The answer to life, the universe and everything? He probably knows, but he’s not gonna fucking say anything because he’s too awesome.

In his free time he enjoys bicycling, reading, gardening, kicking ass and taking names.