humanoidhistory: The Moon on April 21, 1972 – …


The Moon on April 21, 1972 – NASA calls it the “Grand Prix.” As Apollo 16 astronaut John Young puts the Lunar Rover through its paces, spaceman Charlie Duke watches and provides color commentary: “He’s got about two wheels on the ground. There’s a big rooster tail out of all four wheels. And as he turns, he skids. The back end breaks loose just like on snow. Come on back, John. (Pause) And the DAC is running. Man, I’ll tell you, Indy’s never seen a driver like this. (Pause) Okay, when he hits the craters and starts bouncing is when he gets his rooster tail. He makes sharp turns. Hey, that was a good stop. Those wheels just locked.” (Indy meaning the Indianapolis 500.)