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u ever think about how yuri gagarin’s friend vladimir komarov knew that the Soyuz 1 had 203 defects before he got into it, knew he would die, and, knowing that yuri was the backup pilot, decided to fly anyway?

u ever think about how all the people who saw the list of defects were either killed outright or shipped to Siberia bc they wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution with the launch of Soyuz 1?

u ever think about how, when komarov was asked why he didn’t refuse he said “if it wasn’t me it would be yuri. we must protect him”?

u ever think about how yuri stormed up to the launch area, demanding to be put in a flight suit in an effort to save komarov and die in his place but he was too late and the launch sequence had already started?

u ever think about how komarov called ground control and his wife crying, knowing he was going to die?

u ever think about how the last transmissions from Soyuz 1 have komarov cursing the government and the people who sent him up in a faulty spacecraft, knowing he would die?

u ever think about how, despite the fact that Soyuz 1 overheated so much on reentry that it melted komarov’s flight suit to his body and melted his bones, they still had an open casket funeral for him?

u ever think about how vladimir komarov’s funeral was one of the few times that the ussr recognized it had fucked up its priorities?

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TIL On a visit to Manchester, Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin insisted that the roof stay down on his convertible car despite the pouring rain, stating “If all these people have turned out to welcome me and can stand in the rain, so can I.”



A lovely view of our little home in the cosmos…

A lovely view of our little home in the cosmos.





Yuri Gagarin, the first man to orbit the Earth, greeting Gherman Titov, the second, after Titov’s flight on Vostok 2, August 1961

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Thinking today of Soviet fighter pilot and cosmonaut Valentin Vasiliyevich Bondarenko (February 16, 1937 – March 23, 1961), one of the first men to give his life in the name of space exploration. He was killed 57 years ago in an accidental fire during a 15-day endurance experiment.

Valentin was hardly 24 years old when he died, the youngest man in the first cosmonaut group, and still the youngest person ever to be selected as a cosmonaut or astronaut. His fellow cosmonauts called him Valentin Junior or “zvonochek” (Tinkerbell). He was a son, brother, husband, and father. His little boy, Sasha, would grow up to become a pilot like his lost father. Valentin loved sports, especially soccer, and was unbeatable at table tennis. He had a lovely singing voice and was embarrassed at excessive attention. He once saved a little boy from a 5-story fall by climbing up the side of the building on a drainpipe and carrying him to safety. He was training for a manned spaceflight at the time of his death, and was killed just 19 days before Yuri Gagarin became the first human in space.

The Soviet Union lied about his death for decades. The cover-up lasted until 1986, when Valentin was finally recognized by the government for which he gave his life, and the world became aware of one of the first casualties of the space age. In 1991, a crater on the far side of the moon was named Bondarenko in his honor.

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5/4/62: “Astronauts Alan Shepard (left) and John Glenn (center) seem to be equally puzzled with Soviet Cosmonaut Gherman Titov as to how photographers want them to pose during a picture taking session at a reception at the Soviet embassy. Other guests included numerous Washington officials, ambassadors and newsmen.”

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August 7, 1961

Gherman Stepanovich Titov

in the cabin of the plane after the successful completion Vostok 2.