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“Earthrise” as seen from the Apollo 8 spacecraft. A stunning view that puts many things into perspective. We should work together and build for progress and the future.

(21 July 1969) — The Apollo 11 Lunar Mo…

(21 July 1969) — The Apollo 11 Lunar Module (LM) ascent stage, with astronauts Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. onboard, is photographed from the Command and Services Modules (CSM) in lunar orbit. This view is looking west with the Earth rising above the lunar horizon. Astronaut Michael Collins remained with the CSM in lunar orbit while Armstrong and Aldrin explored the moon. The LM is approaching from below. The maze area in the background is Smyth’s Sea. At right center is International Astronomical Union crater No. 189.

(19 April 1972) — Apollo 16 astronauts c…

(19 April 1972) — Apollo 16 astronauts captured this Earth rise scene with a handheld Hasselblad camera during the second revolution of the moon. Identifiable craters seen on the moon include Saha, Wyld, and Saenger. Much of the terrain seen here is never visible from Earth, as the Command Module (CM) was just passing onto what is known as the dark side or far side of the moon. Crewmen aboard the CM at the time the photo was made were astronauts John W. Young, Thomas K. Mattingly II and Charles M. Duke Jr. Mattingly remained later with the CM in lunar orbit while Young and Duke descended in the lunar module (LM) to explore the surface of the moon.