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Gene Cernan

gusgrissom:“He was one of the rare breed of men who possessed…


“He was one of the rare breed of men who possessed the intelligence, the daring, and the ability to pioneer in the aviation of space… Our children’s children will read about Roger Chaffee — and they will call him a pioneer.

gusgrissom: “Gus helped me, to no end, backing me up in Gemini…


“Gus helped me, to no end, backing me up in Gemini as I backed him up in Gemini. We worked very closely on the Apollo flight. I was his next door neighbor and then I had to be the executor of his will. He was a very close friend to all of us. -Wally Schirra

“I remember being impressed with Gus as an individual and as a pilot… Gus was willing to join the group and he pulled his weight in the boat. He was considered a great pilot, enthusiastic and competitive like the rest of us. I guess the thing I’ll remember the most about Gus was the sacrifice he made for the program… The human element and frailties come to the surface and we have a tragic combination of things, which took the life of our buddy.” -Alan Shepard

“I agree with everything everybody said about Gus. He was a good friend to all of us… Gus unfortunately had to sacrifice his life for one of those human errors that let us then step ahead to another level.” -John Glenn

“We’re kind of like a bunch of brothers. We’re quite close.” -Gordo Cooper

“Gus didn’t say a lot, but when he did speak, it was worth listening to… I think we all take the same chances. But we’re all subject to human frailty, if not our own, that of others… It was dangerous but it hadn’t hurt us so we kept doing it. That was dead wrong and it took that tragedy to make it safe. So complacency causes great difficulty, but the end result is that it leads to progress.” -Scott Carpenter

We miss him. -Deke Slayton