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Happy birthday Neil Armstrong (August 5, 1930 – August 25, 2012), pictured here celebrating his 39th birthday shortly after becoming the first human to walk on the moon during Apollo 11.

“As long as there are history books, Neil Armstrong will be included in them, remembered for taking humankind’s first small step on a world beyond our own… Neil carried himself with a grace and humility that was an example to us all. When President Kennedy challenged the nation to send a human to the Moon, Neil Armstrong accepted without reservation. As we enter this next era of space exploration, we do so standing on the shoulders of Neil Armstrong.” -NASA Administrator Charles Bolden



[On the moon] “It’s an interesting place to be. I recommend it.” –Neil Armstrong

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Neil Armstrong with his daughter “Muffie”, 1959-1962

“When Karen was born, he was just a different man… [Her death] was a terrible time. I thought his heart would break. Somehow he felt responsible for her death, not in a physical way, but in terms of ‘Is there some gene in my body that made the difference?’ When he can’t control something, that’s when you see the real person. I thought his heart would break.” -Jane Hoffman, Neil’s sister

“Karen was a precious thing. She developed a tumor in her brain, and we couldn’t save her.” -Janet Armstrong

“The death of Karen really hurt him. It was the only time that I had ever seen him really, really hurt. Couldn’t talk about it.” -Dean Armstrong, Neil’s brother

“I remember Neil bringing Karen over without saying anything, just a visit on a Saturday. They wanted to see our new baby. So I got her out of the bassinet and put her on the bed, and Neil carried Karen over so she could touch her and kind of hold her. Karen was a valiant little girl… I felt that Neil came to me because he wanted somehow to encourage Karen to hold on to a hope, just a wild hope, like parents do. You could see that he loved his little girl very deeply.” -Grace Walker, wife of pilot Joe Walker and Armstrong family friend

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Neil A. Armstrong, Apollo 11 commander, partic…

Neil A. Armstrong, Apollo 11 commander, participates in simulation training in preparation for the scheduled lunar landing mission. He is in the Apollo Lunar Module Mission Simulator in the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) Flight Crew Training Building.

David Scott, in full spacesuit, holds maneuver…

David Scott, in full spacesuit, holds maneuvering unit while suspended in a weightless state during extravehicular activity (EVA) training in a C-135 Air Force plane.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin participate in …

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin participate in a simulation of deploying and using lunar tools, on the surface of the moon, during an Apollo 11 training exercise in Building 9 on April 22, 1969. Aldrin uses a scoop to pick up a sample while Armstrong holds bag to receive sample.

(21 July 1969) — The Apollo 11 Lunar Mo…

(21 July 1969) — The Apollo 11 Lunar Module (LM) ascent stage, with astronauts Neil A. Armstrong and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. onboard, is photographed from the Command and Services Modules (CSM) in lunar orbit. This view is looking west with the Earth rising above the lunar horizon. Astronaut Michael Collins remained with the CSM in lunar orbit while Armstrong and Aldrin explored the moon. The LM is approaching from below. The maze area in the background is Smyth’s Sea. At right center is International Astronomical Union crater No. 189.

(14 Aug. 1969) — The Apollo 11 spacecraf…

(14 Aug. 1969) — The Apollo 11 spacecraft Command Module (CM) is loaded aboard a Super Guppy Aircraft at Ellington Air Force Base for shipment to the North American Rockwell Corporation at Downey, California. The CM was just released from its postflight quarantine at the Manned Spacecraft Center (MSC). The Apollo 11 spacecraft was flown by astronauts Neil A. Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot, during their lunar landing mission. Note damage to aft heat shield caused by extreme heat of Earth reentry. North American Rockwell is the prime contractor for the Apollo Command and Service Modules (CSM).

(20 July 1969) — The deployment of the E…

(20 July 1969) — The deployment of the Early Apollo Scientific Experiments Package (EASEP) is photographed by astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, Apollo 11 commander, during the crew extravehicular activity (EVA). Here, astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot, is deploying the Passive Seismic Experiments Package (PSEP). Already deployed is the Laser Ranging Retro-Reflector (LR-3), which can be seen to the left and further in the background. In the center background is the Lunar Module. A flag of the United States is deployed near the LM. In the far left background is the deployed black and white lunar surface television camera. Armstrong took this picture with the 70mm lunar surface camera, also.

(4 April 1969) — Interior view of the Ke…

(4 April 1969) — Interior view of the Kennedy Space Center’s (KSC) Manned Spacecraft Operations Building showing Lunar Module (LM) 5 being moved from work stand for mating with its Spacecraft Lunar Module Adapter (SLA). LM-5 is scheduled to be flown on the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission.