Happy 91st birthday to the one and only Capt. …

Happy 91st birthday to the one and only Capt. James Arthur Lovell Jr!!!

avengured: more mash memes, the one i’m most p…


more mash memes, the one i’m most proud of is the john mulaney potter one. 



Orbital A—I mean Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems has had a fantastic track record of naming their Cygnus cargo spacecraft.




Buzz, at least match your socks.

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How could they leave out Charlie?

Launch Complexes 30, 5/6, 26, 31/32, 9/10, 14,…

Launch Complexes 30, 5/6, 26, 31/32, 9/10, 14, 34, and 37 -Cape Canaveral, Florida



I went on an amazing tour today, the Cape Canaveral Early Space Tour today, at Kennedy Space Center. I loved seeing all of the historic land marks and blockhouses and rockets, and it was very fun. I wish I could include more pictures in my Tumblr post but I cannot

Dang you got a nice clear sky- I went just last week and it was all cloudy :/

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March 23, 1965 – 54 years ago today, astronauts Gus Grissom and John Young successfully completed the flight of Gemini 3, the maiden voyage of NASA’s second manned space program. The flight, meant to test the capabilities of the Gemini spacecraft, lasted 4 hours, 52 minutes, and 31 seconds, and the crew performed the first orbital maneuver ever made by a manned spacecraft. Command Pilot Grissom became the first human in history to fly in space twice, following his Mercury flight aboard Liberty Bell 7 flight four years earlier. Gemini 3 was the first of six spaceflights for Pilot Young.

“John Young and Gus Grissom—two of the most perfectly paired crew members that I’ve ever seen. They seemed to have a zest for space, they were kids at heart. It’s almost like they were goin’ off on a joyride there.” -Gene Kranz

“About this time John was supposed to check out some of our space meals… I was concentrating on our spacecraft’s performance when suddenly John asked me, ‘You care for a corned beef sandwich, skipper?’ If I could have fallen out of my couch, I would have… John’s deadpan offer of this strictly nonregulation goodie remains one of the highlights of our flight for me.

“I do know if NASA had asked John and me to take Molly Brown back to space the day after splashdown, we would have done it with pleasure. She flew like a queen, did our unsinkable Molly.” -Gus Grissom, Gemini!

I visited right near the launchpad of Gemini 3 today at the Cape Canaveral Early Space Tour at Kennedy Space Center. I thought it was pretty cool being at the launchpad on the 54th anniversary of Gemini 3’s launch

Since we’re at it, here’s LC-19′s gantry at the Air Force Space and Missile Museum on Cape Canaveral (part of that same tour) from this past Sunday

edwhiteandblue:Happy 106th birthday to Wernher…


Happy 106th birthday to Wernher von Braun

It’s 107th today

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Tom Lehrer

Wernher von Braun

That was the year that was (1965)

With NASA being in the news a lot as of late, I thought I’d post this old favorite of mine poking fun of the father of NASA, Wernher von Braun.